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Are you one of those who love to network over whisky? So we tell you about the perfect event “SIP N SPEAK” scheduled for 31st October at Tonino which will bring together people from the elite clubs.

About the session
The evening is for the love of fun, life and celebrations…for the love of Delhi/ NCR and all its madness. And above all, for the love of Whisky and the awesomeness it leaves you with. TalkWiz, one of Delhi’s premium fellowship clubs presents “SIP ‘n’ SPEAK”, an opportunity for an elitist few to network and learn the art of whisky appreciation and tasting from one of the most reputed expert Ms.Anchal Kaushal and Public Speaker Reety Wadhwa.

SIP ‘n’ SPEAK will feature varieties of whiskies selected through a painstakingly tedious tasting procedure. The compiles would appease the widest array of palates. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur trying to break your IBU barrier or the rarest of whisky virgins, we’ve got something for you.

Meet the Speakers
Anchal Kaushal’s relationship with Whisky evolved over the years, particularly facilitated by her position as brand custodian. A Whiskey Mentor, she began her journey by making a pilgrimage to the Spiritual capital of Whisky, Scotland. Her genuine passion for Whisky has led to creation of her entrepreneurial venture “Liquid Sunshine”, where they aspire to help you discover the joy of savouring whisky apart from providing guidance through conversation and art of Whisky making and comparing Whiskies from across the world.


Reety Wadhwa, has been a public speaking connoisseur and trainer by profession since 2012, mastering subjects like creative thinking, leadership, and motivation. She banished her corporate career in favor of the profession of training, and learnt the art of public speaking from Andy Harrington (UK’s foremost public speaker). Her contagious passion for speaking reflects in her highly energized workshops.

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Key session outcomes
Through this workshop, the participants will learn the intricacies of whisky etiquettes, sipping and tasting, which adds a touch of refinement to their endearing personalities. The key learning would include:
• How to appreciate whisky & popular drinking styles
• Journey into Scotland
• Single Malts vs Blends: How topography makes a difference to the whisky taste and aroma.
• Whisky classification by flavor and region & understand the influence of cask & maturation
• Bust whisky myths and understand emerging trends

So spruce up your life with this perfect opportunity, learn more about whisky & network with the right people. You can book your tickets here.

PS: You need to be of 25 years or above to be a part of this experience.

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