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Just unplug yourself & enjoy at Unplugged Courtyard, Connaught Place

It’s time for great food, great service and a cool ambience at Unplugged Courtyard, Connaught Place and yes who can forget the great minds at work and play – Dinesh Arora & Swaraj Singhi along with the coolest host of the evening Nitin Kapoor who went the extra mile to tell us every little detail which goes into excellent food making and great service & hospitality.

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Up for a classy dinner after a crazy Monday blue- {Niche} Lounge & Bistro it is!

Located in the outer circle of Connaught Place, opposite the fire station, Niche Lounge & Bistro is spread across the floor along with an al fresco dining area divided into two areas. The inside-seating area has stylish white and wooden accent interiors dominated with leather upholstery, paneling on walls, an odd 20-seater Long Island-style bar and a glass ceiling. It also has a stage for performance. The stage concept gives the place a kind of jazz look, but suits the decor though, apt for stand-up comedy too. The al fresco area gives you a complete different ambiance, and not like other CP eateries of the flag, but a cosy low floor seating with an old bark tree in one and a dimly light road side view on the other. The property can divide and block the area too for private parties and not disturbing the other guests. Continue Reading


Gadre Premium Seafood

Gadre Premium Seafood and Vikas Khanna launched Crabsticks for the first time in India at Cafe Public Connection, Connaught Place recently. Gadre Marine Export Pvt Ltd signed India’s Star Chef Vikas Khanna as Brand Ambassador for Gadre Marine Export Pvt Ltd, the largest Surimi producer in India and the third largest in the world.

Crabsticks are created from a unique pasta called Surimi, which is primarily made from the best parts of the fish. They are low in calories and fat, which makes it ideal if you’re on a weight-loss programme. Since crab sticks are cooked and pasteurized during the process, they are ready to eat product and can be cooked too. Continue Reading


Delhi’s first Aphrodisiac Bar: Hotmess opens up in Connaught Place

Now here’s something for the passion for nightlife & sexy food fusion in the form on an Aphrodisiac Bar, Hotmess- Kitchen & Bar– a funky, uniquely innovative, sexy, stylish & quirky place full on with modern contemporary menu made using Aphrodisiac ingredients like chocolate, banana, pomegranate, watermelon, red win, vanilla which boost energy, sharpen memory & also burn fat when you intake in right proportion. Continue Reading


Mister Chai: It’s not only about Chai!!

For us Indians, chai is a ritual followed not only in the morning but evening as well. Though we have hundreds of street vendors across the city for chai but it is quite difficult to find a perfect cuppa in the premium spaces. So when Team ChicLifeByte got to know about Mister Chai at Shangri La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi, we were quite excited. The Café is perfectly located and the branding was visible on one of the pillars as we entered the hotel. Lively, well lit, open café with grey and light green couches made for comfortable and pleasant seating.

Conceptualized by the renowned Dubai based interior design company Stickman Designs, Mister Chai is an intimate and relaxed space with a seating capacity of up to 50 guests and enclosed by a beautifully detailed brass balustrade, with each bookend creating a unique design detail. Placed to the left is the full height, gold-leaf-etched timber Tibetan prayer wheels and to the right is an intricate screen of planter boxes in colour contrast of black, red, green and brown interestingly called “Wall of Chai”. This quaint and exquisite element ensures that guests enjoy privacy from the main lobby.

Bevelled antique mirror walls add depth and open up this subtle space. Brass shelving is suspended delicately from the ceiling, displaying the unique varieties on offer. We were impressed by the fact that each feature adds its own distinctive character to create the perfect ambience for guests to relax and savour the delicacies on offer Continue Reading

Tamasha- Image 1 .

Tamasha at Connaught Place

Priyank Sukhija’s latest venture Tamasha stands tall with interiors plush in the posh lane of Kasturba Gandhi Marg. Brainchild of Priyank Sukhija and co-owned by Jaideep Anand & Gundeep Anand, Tamasha is a notch above all his creations.

All the sections are differently done & uniquely separated, room for sun & more so with the food. The ground floor is rustic & woody with the truck bar in the courtyard with bottles & glasses and colourful sheesha barrels. They looked captivating. The first floor has a similar woody seating and further up is the terrace which is an open bar with a scenic view of the entire Tamasha. You have more reasons to celebrate as it is a place which was dressed in sunshine in the breezy winter morning. Continue Reading


#Farzified at Farzi Cafe, Connaught Place

Getting Farzified was what had been on my mind for a long time now!! Actually, ever since the restaurant opened up at Connaught Place. Though I have been to the Gurgaon outlet but when the place has opened up at sadda Dilli, it’s a different experience. As I made my way to the critically acclaimed award-winning restaurant by Zorawar Kalra, I totally loved the concept. Wooden interiors, well Lit, English Style set up. Even the waiters were dressed in black and white with a red tie.

Re-contextualised for the modern day diner, Farzi Café is attributed to having made Indian dining cool, while bringing Indian cuisine back “in-Vogue”. Amalgamating the European bistro with innovative, futuristic Indian food, Farzi Café offers a unique, genre defining, Indian bistronomie dining experience. Upping the cool quotient and breaking perceptions, it showcases innovation in Indian food and dining using modernist elements such as molecular gastronomy across its food and drinks, turning them on their head while offering a playful, high-energy ambiance. Continue Reading

Junkyard- Image 25

Junkyard Café: A Funk Place made out of Junk

Can you imagine a hip & happening place made out of junk? Even we could not imagine a place like this until reality hit us! Yes, we saw a place made out of junk and the name is true to its description, it’s called Junkyard Café. A brainchild of Umang Tewari who also owns Vault Café, Café Public Connection, Garam Dharam and the recently opened 3 Pegs Down.

The place spread over 13000 sq. ft transported us to a different space altogether. The luxurious and spacious cafe nestled in heart of the capital – Connaught Place had pillars covered with tyres & drawers, seats made of car engine, drums, bamboo, chipboard etc. That’s not all, the place also has a picture of Mona Lisa made out of scrap. A transformer stands out boldly at one of the entrance. On the walls, we could see cycle wheels, broken rear view mirror. Infact, even the bar had colourful drums and old tyres. Another thing which caught our attention was an Aircraft with Junkyard branding. Lights made of cut wine bottles, ceiling made of 8000 empty bottles. Oh! How could we miss the broken motorcycle which made for the perfect picture spot. Junk be utilised, and that too in the most beautiful way is quite evident at Umang’s Junkyard. Junkyard Cafe is one of those places in India which are concept driven. It brings out raw junk world which is grungy, contemporary and at the same time very exclusive!!

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Pizza Hut Maxx Cheese Launch…Cheesilicious and yummm!!!!

Pizza Hut has been one of my favourite outlets to satisfy my Pizza cravings so when I was invited to Pizza Hut’s Maxx Cheese Launch I was excited to try out the new crust and give you my views.

As I made my way to Pizza Hut’s Connaught Place outlet, the aroma of pizzas and garlic breads made my stomach grumble. We made ourselves comfortable on the first floor of the outlet which was reserved for us bloggers. On our arrival, we were served our drinks – Very Berry and Mocha Cold Coffee. Very Berry looked great with its pink berrylicious colour…As I sipped it, I loved the flavour. The Mocha Cold Coffee was good but nothing could beat the flavour of Very Berry. While we were waiting for the star dish, we were served some amazing appetizers. Continue Reading

Lord of the Drinks- Image 1

Restaurant Review: Lord of the Drinks, Connaught Place

What does one want in life? Great food, great drinks, great ambience that too at great prices! When we heard about Lord of the Drinks, it did give us an impression that it’s all about drinks but this place proved us wrong. It was also about some absolutely delicious food. Read on to know more!!

We couldn’t resist noticing the woody, stoney, edgy, rough interiors of the place. With bars, grills, red curtains, heavy metals, Iron Man statue, rope lights, the place had the perfect ambience. The restaurant was divided in different sections – 2 long corridors which could seat around 30 to 40 people, Personal Dining Reservation (PDR) for 15 people, main entrance where the DJ console is which can fit 50 people and 2 rooms for 15 to 20 people each. In total there is space for 300 pax spread across the inside dining space and the beautiful terrace. While the inside dining space gave a British theme inspired by Pirates of the Carribbean, the terrace had a nice colourful vibe-red, pink, blue and brown décor with different seating options to make everyone comfortable. Though, what I absolutely loved was the wall art made out of beer bottles which I saw while taking the stairs for the terrace. Continue Reading