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Leaping Caravan Food Review

Who doesn’t like eating great food at the comfort of their home? Team ChicLifeByte recently ordered from Leaping Caravan which boasts of food from six vibrant locations-Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Pakistan and Afganistan.

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Zaza Box review

Zaza Box is the magic box of goodness & nutrition and in Spanish “Nutricion deliciosamente” is the right word to describe the meal that was there in the beautiful wooden Zaza Magic Box.

Zaza Box is a delivery service started by an IIT Bombay alumnus Avinav Nigam & his wife Sonal who has been a Gym Fitness coach for 10 years & also a Miss India 2007 semi-finalist (WOW). They wanted people to have healthy nutritional meals & organic food with natural ingredients within the comfort & confines of their home. Zaza Box reads healthy fine dining in a box. Their magic boxes are divided into 3 categories that are changed daily & are wholesome and full on with health power: Continue Reading